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~Puppy Application~
Please use the form below to answer the following questions. You can also email the answers to jeanne@mjsiberians.com  NOTE: you must be at least18 years of age 

1. Have you owned a Siberian husky before?

2. If you have not owned one prior, have you researched the breed?

3. Are you aware of the Siberian husky exercise requirements?  

4. Are you prepared to meet this requirement?

5. Have you owned or do you currently own other dogs? How many? What breeds?

6. Do you want a male or female? Why?

7. Do you have a fenced in yard?

8. If not, do you plan on fencing in your yard?

9. How much yard space do you have?

10. How high is your fence now/going to be?

11. Describe your living arrangements. Do you live in a house, apartment, farm etc?

12. Do you have other pets?

13. If so, how many and what type of pets?

14. Are all your current pets up to date on vaccinations?

15. Does your family have any known allergies? List known allergies:

16. Are there children in the house? If so, ages of your children?

17. Are you planning on breeding or showing your pet?

18. Are you planning on crate training your puppy?

19. How many hours a day will the dog be left alone?

20. Will the dog be kept inside? Outside? Both?

21. If the dog is to be kept outside, what type of shelter will be provided?

22. Are you willing to allow the breeder to visit the dog?

23  If you want a pet quality, do you have objections to spay/neuter?

24. Have you ever returned a puppy or dog to the breeder, if so, why?

25. Have you ever sold or given away a puppy or dog you could not keep? If so, why?


Phone number:

Email Address:

Any other important informaiton we should know?

Please note:  If you don't see an email back from us about your application,please check your spam/junk folders.  I reply to ALL of my applications but have noticed that email addresses such as yahoo, hotmail, and outlook have a tendency to go into a junk/spam folder.  
Our policy: We no longer have a formal waitlist. We understand things may happen between placing a hold deposit and when the puppies finally arrive. With this in mind, we only take down names of interested parties and contact them when a litter is due. A deposit of $200 will be due to hold your puppy after it is born and chosen-this will help ensure you get special information about your puppy to help you bond with them. To make sure you have the right fit for your family, we are also doing a puppy application. Anything you feel is relevant outside of the questions asked, please feel free to provide us that information. This will help us determine if an energetic fun loving puppy that is constantly on the go is right for you or one that may be a bit more clam and laid back. We also ask things like if you’re planning on showing your puppy so we can help get you the right puppy. We can also start teaching them to stack prior to you taking them home. Temperament testing and early neurological stimulation is a part of our puppy program.