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~Our Program~
From birth to two weeks of age: We start touching the puppies ears, between the toes, and make sure they are handled daily. The puppies get used to the sensation of being petted and handled.

Two weeks- puppies are dewormed for the first time. Their eyes open around this time it may be a few days prior or after.  

Three Weeks – The puppies are started on a designated potty area between three and four weeks of age

Four weeks – Training begins with simple commands like touch. Puppies are dewormed a second time.  

Five weeks – Puppies are introduced to other commands such as sit and stand are added to their training.  

Six weeks:  Puppies are dewormed for the third time.

Seven weeks – Puppies are vet checked for health including heart, lungs, eyes, and ears. They are microchipped and vaccinated. This is when we allow families to come and visit their puppy if they would like to do so. They are introduced to other pets such as cats. We work on housebreaking to go outside instead of the designated inside potty area. The collar and leash will be introduced at this time.  

From seven to eight weeks we continue training and socializing the puppies. They are introduced to things such as steps, carpet, walking on a leash outside.  The puppies get another deworming at eight weeks of age.  They are also temperament tested at this time.  Puppies leave our home between 8 and 12 weeks of age.  

Please note: our puppies are born and raised inside our home. They get used to the smells and sounds of living in a house during this time. This also helps ensure proper socialization as every member of my family is involved.  

Prior to seven weeks of age we will allow people to see but not touch the puppies if they wish to do so prior to placing a depsit.